Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Cheyenne Social Club (1970)

Pax and Michael visit The Cheyenne Social Club starring Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda, and Shirley Jones, and directed by Gene Kelly.

Also: Listener mail and quick reviews of The Far Horizons (1955), Six-Gun Gorilla: Long Days of Vengeance by Brian Christgau and Adrian Sibar, and Gunfighters: A Chronicle of Dangerous Men & Violent Death by Al Cimino.

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  1. TV Westerns:
    I loved the westerns and have watched many TV Westerns. One of the things I look for in westerns is the cast!

    "Adventure of Brisco County, Jr." is one of my favorites. I'm a big fan of Bruce Campbell mostly because of this show. I will watch anything that Cambell is in! The supporting cast of Billy Drago, Julius Carrey and John Pyper-Ferguson were also great in this show.
    "Longmire" - I really enjoy this show. I didn't know the main actor from anything, but seeing Lou Diamond Phillips really sold me on this show. He's great and the rest of the cast is really good.
    "Godless" - I watched this on Netflix. This was a good slow-burn western. Really well done show.
    "Hell on Wheels" - Another great western show. I still need to finish the last two seasons. I was really surprised by the acting talents of Common. The supporting cast is excellent. Loved Colmn Meaney from Star Trek and Far and Away!
    "Yellowstone" - I'm a big fan of Kevin Costner and really enjoy this series. This show is a very well done modern western show that centers on one family! An mature version of Bonanza!
    "Deadwood" and "Justified" are shows is on my list to watch. Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins and Nick Searcy are actors I like and I want to see this show. Deadwood also has some great casting and I've heard good things.
    "Lonesome Dove" - Great mini-series and it's follow up "Return to Lonesome Dove". I remember watching this when it first aired on TV. I've since seen it at leaste two more times.

    Cheyenne Social Club
    I'm a big fan of Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda, both great classic actors. I've seen many of the westerns of both of these actors. This wasn't my favorite western and not the best from these actors, but this was an enjoyable film.