Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The Mask of Zorro (1998)

Pax and Michael welcome back Evan Hanson to talk about the first movie of a Zorro double-feature on Hellbent. It's Martin Campbell's The Mask of Zorro, starring Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Anthony Hopkins.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971)

Michael and Pax watch the Robert Altman revisionist classic, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie with smaller roles for Shelley Duvall, Keith Carradine, and Rene Auberjonois. 

Pax also checks out Sukiyaki Western Django (2008) and Michael watches a couple of older films: Union Pacific (1939) and Gentle Annie (1944).

Thursday, February 2, 2023

The Good, the Bad, the Weird (2008)

Pax and Michael welcome their friend Jeeg to discuss Jee-woon Kim's The Good, the Bad, the Weird, set in WWII-era Korea, but inspired by Sergio Leone's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.