Friday, May 8, 2020

The Kid (2019)

Pax and Michael discuss Vincent D'Onofrio's The Kid starring Ethan Hawke and Dane Dehaan as Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. 

We also discuss a couple of books we've been reading: a collection of early Jonah Hex stories as well as the Charro! novel.

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  1. I generally enjoyed listening to you because I've watched 'The Kid' twice (the original version and also a german dubbed version) and it is one of my favorite Westerns ever.
    I've never seen a Western yet done with this much love for story and detail.
    It's Vincents D'Onofrios art work as a director that actors like Hawke, DeHaan and Pratt don't 'overdo' (like some of those in Young Guns sometimes we agree here)... all those brilliant huge actors (for my taste you're a bit too much talking about them. As a longtime Hawke fan I knew all that and wanted to hear about THIS movie but well that's me only maybe) become just a tool for telling the story! It's clearly Mr. D'Onofrios handwriting to me that Hawke transfers into Pat Garret and DeHaan transfers into BillyTheKid this perfectly that you forget it's them, you forget it's actors acting... you're wonderfully caught up in the story! That is cinema art as it should be in its nicest way!
    This movie was put together by Vincent D'Onofrio from story to end! How often did you mention him? Once, twice? I know he is not into celebrating himself but 'The Kid' is totally his.
    Have you ever been interested how a movie like that is put together? You should really talk to him.
    The casting was perfect.
    Jake Schur (Rio) was found by Vincent D'Onofrio. Yes what an amazing acting talent. You are right!
    BUT guys really how can you not mention Leila George... she is the key (woman) to the story! That's the most disappointing about your podcast to me. Leila George (yeah that's her name, she wasn't baptized 'D'Onofrios daughter' pls) showed great acting. What a touching intense as vulnerable as strong intense very young woman she portrait! How could you not mention her once???
    Let me also point out the amazing beautiful scenery matching every second of the movie the story going from amazingly beautiful nature into very dark spots in a corner of room at night. The costumes with a touching intense love for detail, the music underlining the atmosphere...
    It's a wonderful movie!
    Here we clearly agree and I'll watch it more often for sure.
    So yes thank you for your podcast still.