Monday, February 22, 2016

The Keeping Room (2014)

Michael and Pax are back to talk about The Keeping Room starring Brit Marling, Hailee Steinfeld, Muna Otaru, and Sam Worthington. Proving the diverse possibilities of the Western genre, this one's set in the South, has horror influences, and a predominately female cast. We also briefly discuss other recent Westerns, Jane Got a Gun and The Hateful Eight.

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  1. I watched this so I could listen to this podcast episode. This movie reminded me a lot of The Salvation. Both were good slow-burn westerns. They are both well directed and acted.

    I liked this for what it was, but It won't be one I'll revisit. This did feel like an authentic look into the rural small farms that were left to fend for their themselves while the men were off fighting the Civil War. I've seen Sam Worthington in a lot of Direct-to-Video films and most are mediocre at best. I also really enjoyed Man on A Ledge, enough so that I've seen it three times.

    I understood that these soldiers were advance scouts looking for Confederate Resistance that have become disillusioned by the War. And because of the lack of resistance to stop them, they feel free to take advantage of the situation and people.

    I've heard it said that Sherman did not direct all of the destruction his army caused during "Sherman's March". His defenders have said he lost some direct control over the more violent elements of his army and they were the cause of the rapes and widespread destruction that Sherman is blamed for. An example is the burning of Columbia, South Carolina. Whle he directed the stores of cotton to be burned, the entire city was burned either by rogue elements exceeding their authority or by the winds carrying the fire into the town. Either way, Sherman is to blame and all of this contributed to his plan to "make the South Howl" and break their will to resist. His army also had a lot of newly freed slaves and contrabands following it that would have been free to exact their revenge.

    This if the first film that I've seen to touch on the non-plantation owners left behind a la Gone With the Wind.