Thursday, April 25, 2024

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)

Michael and Pax continue April Fools Month, talking about movies that are Western-connected if not actual Western movies themselves. For this episode, we talk about Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure featuring time-traveling historical figures like Billy the Kid.


  1. Hi y’all, Joseph Glen here. Been listening to your podcast for years now during my job as a janitor for going on 6 years now. When I found your podcast during my time here I loved every episode. I had a question or suggestion? My birthday was in early April and I was hoping as a small gift y’all could pick and watch a Sam Elliott Western? He’s my favorite actor and western actor. I have such a huge respect for him and his western movies as well as non westerns. He’s done some with Tom Selleck if that catches yalls fancy?

    1. Hi, Joseph! Thanks for writing! We love Sam Elliott, too, and I would be thrilled to pick one of his Westerns very soon. We already have our May movies scheduled, but I can interrupt my streak of Ranown Westerns to squeeze in some Sam. Stay tuned! And thanks for listening!