Sunday, August 28, 2022

Murder at Yellowstone City (2022)

Michael and Pax watch the recent Western whodunnit, Murder at Yellowstone City, starring Isaiah Mustafa, Gabriel Byrne, Thomas Jane, Anna Camp, Zach McGowan, and Richard Dreyfuss. It's a mystery and we spoil it, so please watch the movie before listening to our discussion.

Pax also reads the next couple of Undertaker comics in his pile while Michael watches a couple of movies: the documentary Bitterbrush and Hell's Heroes, an early adaptation of the Three Godfathers story.   

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  1. I saw this poster image a few places, and added it to my list based on the image and the cast.

    This movie was good, surprisingly long. While I enjoyed this movie, I would have liked more if it had gone deeper into the investigation of the murders. I still have questions regarding the killer's motivations. I was a bit disappointed by the ending as they wiped out half of the town's men, even though it was self-defense. The men in the posse were regular townspeople and were not necessarily on the wrong side, just acting on incorrect information.
    While it appears that the sheriff knew that Cicero was not guilty, he decided to use him to provide an easy way solution to the crime and save him the effort of actually finding the real killer.