Sunday, February 11, 2018

Hitchin' Post | Happy 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday to us! Pax and Michael celebrate the podcast's 2nd anniversary with a quick look over their shoulders at the last two years, then forward for a few hints of things to come. They also catch up with brief discussions of Hickok (2017) and Billy the Kid episodes of Tales from Wells Fargo and Death Valley Days.

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  1. A western with Robert Blake doing a good role is "Tell Them Willie Boy is Here". Set in the early 20th century. Also starring Robert Redford, Susan Clarke, and even has Katherine Ross.

    Another one to possibly look at is "Valdez is Coming". Burt Lancaster is lead. Susan Clarke in this one as well, plus Richard Jordan. Set in the late 19th, is not early 20th century, and based on an Elmore Leonard story.