Monday, December 2, 2019

Deadwood Season 1 (2004)

Welcome to Deadwood December, continuing our streak of weekly episodes through the end of the year and leading up to Hellbent's 75th episode! In this one, Pax and Michael dig into the first season of the HBO series Deadwood from 2004.


  1. Well, can't comment on Deadwood since I do not have HBO or use Netflix.

    So, can just add another western recommendation. "Whispering Smith" from 1949. One of Alan Ladd's first westerns and second billing is Robert Preston. Not the usual "oater" since Ladd is a railroad detective. (There is apparently also a Whispering Smith TV series from the late 50's starring Audie Murphy.)

    Stars Encore Westerns channel is also apparently doing some "Wacky Westerns" as a feature in December. And the six include Rustler's Rhapsody, so I guess I can give it another shot if it's on some night.

  2. I do love me some Alan Ladd. Added!

    I need to check out that Wacky Westerns feature. I can't find a good website for the channel, but when I get home I'll dink around on the TiVo and see what I can find and schedule. Thanks for the tip!