Monday, June 24, 2019

The Man from Snowy River (1982)

Michael and Pax jaw about George Miller's (not that George Miller, though) Australian Western. One remembered loving it; the other remembered hating it. Have they changed their minds? Do they agree? What happened to Cookie's leg? A couple of those questions actually get answered.

Also: DC Comics discussion as Pax reads the early adventures of Bat Lash and Michael checks out the beginning of the 2006 Jonah Hex series.


  1. The Australian "Western" is an interesting breed of story. Many seem to concentrate or feature heavily the sort of class split or warfare going on in the society as compared to man vs wilderness or other conflicts that are often the center of American Westerns. Man From Snowy River is a particularly non-violent example of the bushranger film, but it's also a character study in a way.

    A few other bushranger films to look at might be "Ned Kelly" (1970), which features Mick Jagger in the lead role. "The Proposition" (2005) is something of a modern and revisionist take.

    And then there is "Quigley Down Under" (1990) which is crossing the two genres since it's a US western cowboy in Australia. I am sort of surprised you two have not covered this film yet.

  2. Thanks for the Ned Kelly and Proposition recommendations! I hadn't heard of either of those. Quigley is coming up... well, "soon" would be an exaggeration, but I'm planning to pick it early next year if Pax doesn't grab it first.

  3. Ned Kelly is an interesting case since he is an actual historical person. A sort of equivalent to Jesse James for Australia since he has some status as a folk hero. His Wikipedia page is probably worth a quick read at some point simply for an overview of his activities.