Wednesday, May 8, 2019

7 Men from Now (1956)

Pax and Michael have enjoyed the Budd Boetticher/Randolph Scott collaborations they've seen (especially Ride Lonesome, which they reviewed on the show), so for this episode they talk about 7 Men from Now, the very first Boetticher/Scott team-up. Michael also shares a 2019 Western he's watched, Ivan Kavanagh's Never Grow Old starring John Cusack and Emile Hirsch. And Pax wraps up Hex, the post-apocalyptic Jonah Hex comic he's been reading.


  1. Boetticher/Scott movies are much like the Mann/Stewart westerns. Complex characters with secrets that take time to come out, and third parties involved that the end of the story will hinge upon.

    A western villain actor I think you should look for is Dan Duryea. Probably the best known role is Waco Johnny Dean in "Winchester '73", but he is pretty memorable whenever he turns up.

    And I agree that whenever Lee Marvin turns up it is a good thing. Same holds for James Coburn as well in my opinion. And if you haven't done "The Professionals" yet it should go on the short list since it's a good story and has about as deep a cast as you are going to see in a western of the period.

  2. I love the Mann/Stewart Westerns that I've seen, but never made the connection that they were all directed by the same person. I still need to see The Naked Spur and The Far Country to complete the set. Thanks for pointing that out!

    I liked Dan Duryea a lot in Winchester '73 and feel like I've seen him in at least one other thing, but it's not coming to me. He guest-starred on a lot of TV Westerns though, so maybe I'm thinking of one of those.

    You're the vote that put The Professionals over the top for me. I've put it on the calendar for later this year. Thanks!

  3. What really brought Dan Duryea to my attention was his role in an Audie Murphy western ("Ride Clear of Diablo" IIRC). His appearance in "Winchester '73" is sort of short in duration memorable as the character is.

  4. Excellent! I've added Ride Clear of Diablo to the list. Thank you!