Friday, May 4, 2018

Stagecoach (1939)

Michael and Pax finally visit the John Ford/John Wayne classic, also starring Claire Trevor, John Carradine, Thomas Mitchell, Tim Holt, Tom Tyler, and (uh oh?) Andy Devine.

Also: Pony Express mail and quick reviews of McLintock! (1963) and The Great Missouri Raid (1951).

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  1. listened today good as a podcast. I am 50 after my illness I listen to podcast as I garden and take walks. in the heat and dark I watch movies
    I like to offer some observations in a friendly useful manner.
    Ford was well established from the Silent Era, taken in by Harry Carey,Sr. This was never a B. picture. Orsen Welles watched it over and over in preparation for Citzan Kane.
    Wayne was marked for Stardom in Raul Walshe's The Big Trail, it is a must see. However, it was shot in a widescreen formant and release in 1930 just after Depression. It bombed almost destroying Walsh's career and aborting Wayne's stardom... Back to poverty row until Stagecoach. This lost 9 years at the outbreak of WWII is theorized as the reason Wayne with a family and delayed stardom didn't enlist.

    Just a few more Hatfield is to me what if Ashley Wilkes had gone West and bad. I seems there is a shame of what he has done to his family's good name. He holds on to shadow the courtly ways of his lost way life.

    With Dallas and Doc I think Ford is taking a knock at the Hayes code and all the censor boards across the country. By 39 Hayes was the Tsar of all the Rushes, but 10 years before after the Arbuckle and other scandals the public and in particular Christian Women's Clubs were out for blood, just have won over Prohibitan. There main complaint sex and booze and there Dallas and Doc run off a stage.

    It was not unusual for pregnant women of a certain class to go into quartine, Eleanor didn't got to FDR's swearing in as governour of NY and a teachers had to retire when showing.

    You did forget that Thomas Mitchell won Best Supporting Actor for this role.

    Gatewood the only thing to add to what you mention is that he keeps going on about"what good for the banks"..... only vilifies him since the collapse of several banks the 1939 public would have seen this line in that light.