Monday, March 19, 2018

The Villain (1979)

Michael and Pax giggle and groan over Hal Needham's slapstick comedy starring Kirk Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ann-Margret.

Also: a brief Lone Ranger discussion and mini-reviews of 1967's Hour of the Gun (with James Garner as Wyatt Earp) and Mighty Marvel Western featuring Rawhide Kid, Kid Slade, and Two-Gun Kid.


  1. I'm pretty sure I first knew The Lone Ranger from the Filmation cartoon, and it was my least favorite of those (Tarzan and Flash Gordon being my favorite, then Zorro.) I know I saw the Legend of the Lone Ranger movie and played with the toys when those came out, though I never had any myself, my neighbors had the whole set. I'm thinking I saw episodes of the Clayton Moore show at some point in there, too, either sometime before or shortly after seeing the movie. Moore and Silverheels are definitely my definitive Ranger and Tonto. I never saw any episodes of the TV show from some time back (early 2000s, I think?) and I couldn't bring myself to see the one with Johnny Depp. Hammer seemed to make a decent Lone Ranger, but the movie otherwise just looked bad.

    I've been a fan of The Villain since seeing it on TBS back in the 80s. I owned it for a short time on VHS, but I'm not sure where it ended up. If I ever get ahold of it again, I'm introducing my son to this live-action Wile E. Coyote movie.


  2. Thanks for those memories! Tarzan was my favorite of those Filmation shows, too. I only saw a couple of the Flash Gordon ones, but loved those.

    And Zorro is another favorite character of mine. I remember that he had a sidekick with a brightly colored costume in the Filmation series.