Thursday, February 22, 2018

Godless (2017)

Michael and Pax are joined by special guest Shawn Robare (Branded in the '80s, Cult Film Club) to talk about the Netflix mini-series Godless starring Michelle Dockery, Jeff Daniels, and Jack O'Connell.

And in "Whatchoo Been Westernin'?" we discuss the '80s cartoon Bravestarr and the movie Hostiles starring Christian Bale and Wes Studi.


  1. I stopped watching Godless after the first episode. It just didn't grab me. I'll have to go back and give it a second try after hearing this podcast.

  2. I'd love to hear what you think once you finish it. We liked it, obviously, but even if you end up not, I'm always interested in hearing other opinions.

  3. Cartoons:
    I watched a lot of cartoons in the 80s and even into the 90s. But, while I heard of BraveStarr, I've never seen it. Which is surprising as it seems right up my alley. I'll have to check it out if I can find it. I see it's for sale on Amazon.

    This was a great western. Wes Studi is an excellent actor and is always good in everything he does. I saw it on Netflix and I was very impressed with it.

    This show started off very slow, but as I got further into it, I really enjoyed this show. I knew Scoot McNairy from Halt & Catch Fire, but did not know Michelle Dockery other than from Non-Stop. Jeff Daniels was really good in this, a very dark character that I've not seen him play before. I wasn't familiar with Jack O'Connell but I happened to catch the movie "'71" starring him before this and it was excellent! All around a great cast.
    I've been disappointed by some slow-burn westerns, but while the first episode or too seemed too slow, they drew you in and then I was hooked into bingeing the final three episodes in one sitting.
    My biggest disappointments were the death of Whitey without him being able to die heroically at least. Also, I was disappointed by how quickly the Buffalo Soldiers were dispatched from the story. I would have expected more of a fight with them and would have liked at least a few to join the fight in the end unifying the two towns.