Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Wild Wild West (1965) and Wild Wild West movies Hitchin' Post

This time on Hellbent, Pax and Michael discuss the 1965 TV series The Wild Wild West starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin. We talk about the stars, we talk about the villains, we go all through our favorite episodes. It's a deep dive into the 4 season long TV series.

Then on a special Hitchin' Post, Pax and Michael discuss the two reunion movies for The Wild Wild West starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin. We also delve into the 1999 Wild Wild West movie with Will Smith and Kevin Kline.


  1. The Smith-Kline Hayek movie would have perhaps held up better if it was not linked to the property. It pretty much seemed to miss what was the centerpiece of the series - the friendship and camaraderie of the two agents. And Hayek was wasted since she is a much better actress than the role gave her any chance to display. Pretty much used as eye candy and a minor plot point to cause friction between the leads.

    I have fond memories of watching the series in syndication in my youth.

  2. I think it's probably true that it would have held up better, but I still just REALLY don't like the character that Kevin Kline's playing, whatever name they decided to give him. And I totally agree about Salma Hayek's character. Such a waste of great talent.

    1. In part the Kline character might have been necessary simply to avoid the character being totally buried by the brazen Will Smith mode that was the Jim West character. If he is not played as having an equal ego and being somewhat passive/aggressive then he wouldn't be a sufficient foil/competitor to Smith.

  3. This was one of my favorite TV shows as a kid.