Sunday, April 16, 2017

100 Rifles (1969)

Michael and Pax deal with the shock of realizing that Tom Gries' 100 Rifles is not the light-hearted heist movie they expected from the cast of Jim Brown, Raquel Welch, and Burt Reynolds. But before they get to that, there's some discussion of the TV show Rawhide, the comic book Brimstone, and the 1965 film Cat Ballou. Closing music for this episode by Daniel Pemberton from his score to The Man from UNCLE (2015).


  1. Another Jim Brown western to look for is "El Condor". Also has Lee Van Cleef in it.

  2. As for "Cat Ballou" Lee Marvin got a Best Leading Actor Oscar for that role.

    And for many an iconic Jim Brown role is as one of the commandos in "The Dirty Dozen". (And more Lee Marvin there as well. :) )

  3. Ooh! El Condor sounds GREAT! Just went on the list.

    Can totally see why Lee Marvin won. I'm don't suppose they specified WHICH character he won for, but I'm guessing they meant Shelleen. :)