Monday, October 10, 2016

Hitchin' Post | The Re-Cast: Young Guns

Pax and Michael are joined again by Michael DiGiovanni and Andrew Bloom of the Classic Film Jerks podcast. One of our favorite parts of their show is when they re-cast older movies with modern actors, so we all did that with 1988's Young Guns, each of us picking new actors to play the six main characters and maybe a side character or three.

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  1. I really want to see that movie! At first when I saw this episode name, I was worried. How do you recast such a classic western? I am worried that an actual remake would include too many attractive, but talentless actors, but this cast list gives me hope!

    Based on your suggestions:
    Zac Efron as 'Billy The Kid', I think he has it in him to be the lead here. He was great in The Greatest Showman and The Disaster Artist. I'd like to see him leave behind the frat boy role.
    Andrew Garfield as Doc. I really liked Donmhnall Gleason as this choice, but as I think on it, I like Garfield, mostly because of Hacksaw Ridge. And, he's a more recognizable name for the second billing.
    Oscar Isaac as Brewer. I just rewatched Rogue One, and he was great in Triple Frontier with Ben Affleck on Netflix. He checks off the diversity checkbox which is important.
    Booboo Stewart as Chavez. I've not seen much of his work, but with Twilight and the Disney background, he could pull in younger audiences who grew up with him. I'd rather have Martin Sensmeier who was Westworld and Yellowstone, but he is older.
    John Boyega as Dirty Steve Stephens. I actually like Alden Ehrenreich better for this role, but you really have to have an African American in the cast to meet the new diversity standards and Boyega is a good choice and an up and comer in Hollywood and another Star Wars alum doesn't hurt! I think Michael B. Jordan would cost too much and the budget here would have to be kept low for a good ensemble.
    Elden Henson as Charley Bowdre. Once I heard Henson's name I was sold. I was trying to think of someone else who could replace Siemaszko and couldn't come up with anyone.

    As for the secondary characters, I love bringing in original cast members like Sutherland for Tunstall, even though he was british. If you wanted to go British here, you could do well with Jack O'Connell, he was great in '71 and the western Godless. You could also bring in Lou Diamond Phillips in a cameo as an indian chief when the boys are hiding out.
    I would love to see Colm Meaney as L. G. Murphy, he is a great bad guy! He's been in a lot, but this role makes me think of him in Hell on Wheels and Far and Away.
    I would love to see Dominic Adams as Alex McSween. He was great as the villain in History's Six, and he adds to diversity with his Iranian background.
    And of course bringing in Scott Eastwood, the son of Clint for Pat Garrett to replace Pat Wayne is a great tie-in to the original. Robert Duvall as Buckshot Roberts is an excellent idea!

    To Recap, I think this would be a great cast:
    Zac Efron William H. Bonney
    Andrew Garfield Doc Scurlock
    Oscar Isaac Dick Brewer
    Booboo Stewart Chavez y Chavez
    John Boyega Dirty Steve Stephens
    Elden Henson Charley Bowdre
    Keifer Sutherland John Tunstall
    Colm Meaney L. G. Murphy
    Dominic Adams Alex McSween
    Scott Eastwood Pat Garrett
    Robert Duvall Buckshot Roberts